The Ideal Classroom

March 18, 2020

The ideal classroom bangkok
  • Curriculum: British
  • Tuition Fees: For tuition fees and other admission expenses, you can e-mail or contact Dr. Faye Morgan-Rose personalized approach.
  • International Student Body: N/A
  • Student Age Range: 1-year-old to 25 years old
  • Location: N/A

The Ideal Classroom Bangkok is actually quite different from your normal school. Nowadays, it is easy to neglect psychological and mental wellbeing while in search of achievements and pursuing excellence. However, Dr. Faye Morgan-Rose strongly believes that a strong psychological ability and mindfulness to emotions pave the way for a child’s development and growth. The Ideal Classroom provides educational and psychological assessments for kids aging from one year old up to twenty-five years of age.

Dr. Faye Morgan-Rose has proven herself in the field by publishing several works relating to autism and pupil-voice techniques. The Ideal Classroom is a technique where the primary focus of education relies on the voice of the child and the kid’s desire to differentiate what ideal classrooms are and those that aren’t.

Aside from providing educational instruction through the Ideal Classroom Bangkok technique, Dr. Faye Morgan-Rose delivers services which include, academic assessment, play-based assessment, exam-access assessment, dyslexia/dyscalculia/dysgraphia diagnosis, and more. She also offers training and consultations for school and parent programs.

If you want your kid to benefit from the mentioned programs and activities, you can reach Dr. Faye Morgan-Rose through the specified communication channels listed below.  

Address: N/A

Phone: 094 390 6960