Associe International Kindergarten Bangkok

  • Curriculum: American, Japanese, Thai
  • Tuition Fees: 276,000 Thai Baht / year
  • International Student Body: 80%
  • Student Age Range: 2 – 6 years old
  • Location: Sukhumvit 35

The Associe International Kindergarten Bangkok 35 (AIKB35) aims to enhance each of the students’ abilities, to teach and to guide them how to strive, grow, and develop their skills, intellect, and leadership skills. The school has a trilingual learning environment with native Japanese, English and Thai teachers.

The school offers two programs: an International Program and an English, Japanese (日本語カリキュラム) & Thai Trilingual Program. The integrated international program with American, Thai and Japanese curricula seeks to educate students on the diversity of the different countries and their respective unique cultures in order to develop the values of respect and harmony within the students and teach them to embrace the world around them. The goal of AIKB35 is to build a foundation for students to become confident, culturally sensitive global leaders.

AIKB35 is accredited as an International Kindergarten by the Ministry of Education, Thailand, and prides itself on their strong human relations, their endeavor to build the perfect environment for raising children, their efforts in creating a workplace where parents and school staff alike can connect, and their show of support through bonding with local people.

Tel: 02 056 1035 



Location: Sukhumvit soi 35, Bangkok