Canadian International School of Thailand

Canadian International School of Thailand
  • Curriculum: Canadian
  • Tuition Fees: 180,000 – 528,960 Thai Baht
  • International Student Body: 25%
  • Student Age Range: 2 to 17 years

The Canadian International School Bangkok, Thailand is the first to offer secondary students a unique two-month academic stay at our campus in Quebec, Canada each year. Personalized learning experiences help students develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are indispensable for navigating through life. Their Early Years program provides a vibrant learning environment where children are given time to play, develop and explore. In Elementary and Secondary, the focus is proficiency in critical thinking and problem solving. They also develop social and emotional skills, such as teamwork, communication and international-mindedness.

The school utilizes the curriculum and the secondary school examination regime of Quebec, Canada (QEP). They embrace the strong qualities and best practices of a Canadian curriculum. In addition to that, Canadian International School believes learning is optimized when the learning environment is learner-centered and encourages engagement. The school aim to build an environment that is social in nature, recognizes the importance of emotions and is sensitive to individual differences. Moreover, they believe in challenging all students without overloading them, using broad assessments and feedback, and promoting horizontal connectedness across subjects. As one of the few schools in Bangkok with Canadian curriculum, it holds a niche within Thailand that many families are looking for. Use our school filter to find more Canadian schools in Bangkok.

Finally, the Canadian International School of Thailand employs a dedicated team of teachers, assistants, administrators and support staff. All of them are committed to ensuring the school is a safe and effective learning place that supports each student in their learning and personal growth. The school highly values close partnerships with parents for the great impact it has on enhancing student learning. 

1001 Charansanitwong Rd 46, Bang Phlat, Bangkok 10700

Phone: 02 886 9464 / 081 935 5522