KPIS International School

KPIS International School
  • Curriculum: American
  • Tuition Fees: 308,000 – 484,000 Thai Baht
  • International Student Body: 20%
  • Student Age Range: 1 and a Half to 18 Years Old
  • Location: KPIS International School 58 Moo 9, Soi Ramintra 34, Ramintra Road, Bangkhen, Bangkok 10230

Providing cost-friendly, well-balanced, and high-quality education for Thai children and the Expatriate, the KPIS International School has been operating since 2005 with its proud international curriculum and standards. Patterned after the California Department of Education’s Curriculum and learning standards, it marvels itself with an accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Sor Mor Sor.

The KPIS International School teaches the core subjects, namely: Mathematics, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Science, Physical Education, and Health. In addition, Values Education is introduced to the children as an integration to the subject, Social Studies.

As a part of our mission to produce globally-competent graduates, we have specialist teachers who provide Intensive English Support that drastically improves and gauges our students’ English language proficiency. Furthermore, international students who choose to enroll in KPIS International School can decide on taking part in our class offering, identified as Thai Language Support (TLS).  This program, on the other hand, seeks to improve international students’ proficiency in the Thai Language.

Numerous researches have indicated that optimal learning doesn’t happen when an institution relies on a single mode of teaching. There are varied types of children’s intelligence. Some learn through practical application, some through reading, and for others, a combination of all approaches. Our effectiveness lies in the integration of the consideration of the following, multiple intelligences, differentiated instruction, and brain-based learning. This learning strategy creates a stimulating learning environment that results in the improvement of higher-order thinking skills for our students.

Equipped with student-tailored and specialized programs, an international curriculum, highly-competent, and passionate teachers, graduates of the KPIS International School are expected to be world-class and highly-productive members of society.

What’s more, is that we provide an encouraging learning environment for all of our students and introduce them to the ever-changing advent of technology. All of the school facilities and extra-curricular programs will embed experiences that inspire, motivate and guide the student to discover, unleash and improve their skills and talents.

KPIS International School 58 Moo 9, Soi Ramintra 34, Ramintra Road, Bangkhen, Bangkok 10230

Phone: (02) 943 7790