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BKK Families interview – Amy Diener 

I’ve personally known Amy Diener since 2013 when we worked together at The American School of Bangkok. Her work is amazing and her story inspiring. If you are also interested in her work or would like your kids to take some classes with her, please see her contact information below.

I recently got the opportunity to interview Amy. Enjoy her story below:

  1. Tell us about your background.

My name is Amy Diener and I am an artist and art educator based in Bangkok, originally from New York State. I moved to Bangkok, Thailand 9 years ago in 2013 to teach art at the American School of Bangkok. In 2020, I resigned from my full time teaching position to open up my own art company here. I offer art workshops in the context of private classes, after school activities at various international schools (KIS, Bangkok Patana, ASB, and St. Andrews), birthday parties, bi-monthly themed courses for kids and adults at my art space, and more. I also sell my original paintings, jewelry, and prints. I collaborate with many different international brands, showcasing my art on various product lines. 

  1. You identify yourself as a dot painter. Can you describe what this means to you? 

I specialize in vibrant dot paintings inspired by the colors and patterns from my travel encounters. I paint only dots in my work because I find the process to be extremely meditative, putting me in a space where all worries melt away. I enjoy dot painting, which involves dipping and dropping layers of acrylic painted dots onto a surface. I like each dot I paint to be perfectly round, therefore it requires me to concentrate and focus deeply. It’s a very repetitive practice that puts me into a zen state of mind. 

  1. Can you describe a couple of unique art projects you have worked on? 

Of course! 

One project was with the Elephant Parade. The Elephant Parade is a social enterprise that organizes the world’s largest decorated elephant statue exhibitions created by artists and celebrities. I was honored to have been chosen to complete my own full size baby elephant, “Hues of Siam” with them! In the future, she will parade in an Asian city and be auctioned off to the highest bidder! I also collaborate with the Elephant Parade for dot painting workshops, where attendees paint on 10cm Elephant Parade statues. 

Another project was an NFT artwork with TFAF (Thailand Digital Arts Festival.) I was one of two foreign artists in Thailand’s biggest digital arts showing, with my work featured on over 800 billboards throughout Thailand in the month of March. Below, you will find an example of my work showcased on the billboards of Parc Paragon at Siam Paragon. 

  1. Does art help you in other areas of your life?

Art has been a main savior in all aspects of my life. It has been a way to ground myself, and bring peace and joy to my mind, body, and spirit. I am so thankful to have such a passion for art and teaching art. 

5.   What is the purpose or goal of your work? 

My goal is to spread joy one dot at a time. I’ve had a long history of battling obsessive compulsive disorder, and use dot painting as one of my coping mechanisms to relieve anxiety. I strive to spread awareness and help to destigmatize mental health in Asia. I see myself as the gateway between my art and the mental health community. I want others to realize they are not alone in their struggles, and there is always support available no matter who or where you are in life. We can always encourage joy and positivity over suffering and hardship. 

6. Why is dot painting great for kids? 

Dot painting is a form of art therapy. The process of painting dots puts you into a flow state, where the only thing to focus on is embodying the present moment. It’s a great way to build patience and control. You don’t need to have any painting experience to explore dot painting. As long as fine motor skills are somewhat developed, typically from age 5 and over, dot painting is a great tool to relieve anxiety and depression. It’s also really fun to play with different patterns such as in the format of mandalas, animals, flowers, landscapes, abstracts, and other subject matters. Kids who have attributes of ADHD, OCD, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, PTSD, or depression will especially benefit from a mindful dot painting session! 

You can check out Amy’s beautiful work on her site at as well as on Instagram @amydienerpaintings. If you or your kids are interested in trying a private or small group dot painting class, you can see more information here, or check out her pre-organized workshops at this link! You can also contact Amy via whatsapp or line at +66.86.359.9104.