Top Reasons Your Dental Health Matters

Bangkok, Thailand, is home to dozens of hospitals giving top-of-the-line dental services.

Here you can easily say goodbye to worries about tooth decay and tooth pain which, to many kids and parents, is a primary concern.

Before we give you some of the best known Bangkok hospitals and clinics in the area of dentistry, let us talk for a while about some of the top reasons for making dental health your priority.


Who would have thought early on that the heart can be at risk for failing to brush longer or more often?

In a presentation at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions, Dr. Shogo Matsui revealed his team’s major research find that involved 682 research subjects: “poor oral health” is linked with “poorer heart health.”

Dr. Matsui, a Japanese researcher at the Institute of Biomedical and Health Sciences, said that better oral hygiene such as longer tooth brushing can lessen the risk of dying from or having a stroke, heart failure or heart attack.

In an article from the Mayo Clinic, it was claimed that the connection between oral health and heart health is still “not fully understood” though.

But it added nonetheless that oral bacteria can cause infections and inflammations which are linked to heart diseases.

Dentist in Thailand


In an article released by the, the National Kidney Foundation spoke about what it calls the kidney disease-dental connection.

Considered a lifeline for people with kidney problems and a pioneer in scientific research, the foundation asserted that oral problems like gum infections may spread all over the body and thereby affecting kidney health.

It said that a “minor infection” could put a kidney patient in a serious condition. This is why “good dental health is important,” it said.


One could also develop or worsen an existing pneumonia because of poor oral habits, according to an article from the Mayo Clinic. It said that there are certain bacteria in the mouth which could be “pulled into your lungs.” This could cause pneumonia along with other respiratory diseases.

Ensuring oral health for our kids means more than avoiding toothaches. It can have an impact on their overall health. So make sure they follow the dos and don’ts of dental care like regular tooth brushing, flossing and avoiding or cutting down on sweets.

However, there are oral health issues that simple brushing and flossing cannot address. Here is where our top dentists in Bangkok, Thailand, can come in handy.

Our dentists can help you with serious issues like …

*Gum disease. This is a leading cause of tooth loss. It is caused by plaque and calculus that regular brushing cannot do away with.

* Crooked misaligned teeth.

* Malformation of jaws

If you want to learn more, you may call the experts below….

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3) Samitivej Hospital Dental clinic. Dr Puckpring:

4) Bangkok dental hospital, Dr Thantrira:

5) Bangkok Dental Center:

6) Bumrungrad Hospital Dental clinic. Dr. Porntipa:

7) Asavanant dental clinic. Dr Ann or Dr Pranee:

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