Which International School is Best For You?

The lush growth of education centers in Bangkok is simply undeniable. International schools alone are now dominating the academic landscape at a staggering 76 schools in Bangkok alone. Perhaps the number will keep swelling as more people come to the city to make it their new home.

We know some of you do not have the luxury of time to check much less visit all these schools for the upcoming enrollment. But we do. As a matter of fact, we’re done sifting through enormous data to produce our very own “master list.”

In choosing the best international schools in Bangkok, we used a parameter which we believe reflects the preferences and financial capability of most expats and locales. So we only tried to include international schools falling in the following categories: charges somewhere between 8,000 USD to 30,000 USD  or that’s around 248,000 Thai Baht to 930,000 Thai Baht;  offers British, American or IB curriculum; and, last but not least, accessible with only light to moderate traffic.

A little caveat: It was mighty difficult to find international schools that fit all the categories, especially the last one. So we added a few with some traffic issues but these are otherwise great schools. You’ll see why.

Ready for the list? Here it is.

KIS Bangkok Reviews


For only THB347,400 – THB731,300 per year, KIS offers excellent education while following the International Baccalaureate curriculum from The Early Years to Grade 12. For young learners, it practices play-based learning all in a early-learner’s center. It puts premium on innovation, creativity and friendliness.

Conveniently located along Pracha Utit Road, Huay Kwang, it is far enough away from Sukhumvit and its hustle and bustle. If you live in the neighborhood, you can probably kiss your worries good bye.


With fees ranging from THB499,000 to THB949,800, you can enjoy a brand of education that have been tried by “many nationally and internationally influential leaders.” At Harrow, emphasis is on creating effective leaders because the times “appear ever more challenging.” The school is serious about teaching leadership under the IB curriculum all “for a better world.”

 You can reach Harrow’s in about 30-minutes from the Sukhumvit/Silom area with little to no traffic. A problem is it lacks a connection to mass transit in 2018.


PAIS provides international services based upon American standards while highlighting eastern culture. It is the repository of information for more than 470 students coming from over 41 nations.

PAIS is nestled in Prawet District, 20 kilometers from the city’s center. Here the traffic is manageable and the school can be reached through various city arteries.

Brighton College Bangkok Reviews


The No. 1 education center in UK is also here in Bangkok! Brighton sets to achieve here what it has done elsewhere: provide “unmatched” education. It boasts, for one, of having a much-coveted record of turning out graduates who enter into the leading universities around the world.

The school offers the British curriculum with fees ranging from 331,000 ฿ to 702,000 ฿. This school is on the outskirts of the city (Krungthep Kreetha) where traffic is low!


New. Progressive. The largest in Bangkok.

This is what VERSO is about. Here, you can avail of a personalized educational experience under an American-based curriculum. VERSO seeks to prepare children with facing a rapidly changing world.

Located in the outskirts of Bangkok, traffic leading to VERSO is manageable.


Concordian provides IB curriculum for all its learners, meaning primary, middle and diplom It is also said to be the one and only international school using Thai, English, Chinese as main media of instruction. You also might love to read this statement from the school: “(Concordian) promotes academic excellence while nurturing young people to become moral and intellectual leaders, people of dignity, integrity and compassion, who want to make a difference in the world.” It added that this is not a mere mission statement written on paper. “It is at the heart of everything we do at Concordian.”

You can get these services for a budget ranging from 530,900 ฿ to: 816,500 ฿. That’s not all. Nestled along Bangkaew, Samutprakarn, the school is 10 minutes away from central Bangkok — away from the heavy traffic.

As has been pointed out, we included schools that have traffic issues. Some of them have got proven track records, education services that could take your traffic worries away. Besides, if you’ll take the BTS Skytrain, you would be able to beat the traffic just the same. These international schools include …


For only a fee within the THB270,000 to THB510,000 range, you can get a British and International curriculum offer at Charter — and a family!

Charter has been dubbed as “the family school,” because, here, students from youngest to oldest work happily, closely. What’s more? It has a pupil-teacher ratio that allows individual learners to receive sufficient academic attention as well as social support. The school envisions its clients to mature into responsible, independent citizens who respect others’ cultures and points of view.

We’ll, that’s a one big family you want to come home to, heavy traffic or not.


Each child is unique. This is why at St. Andrews they provide learning opportunities that’s best for a wide range of learners. This is one of the factors that has set St. Andrews apart from other international schools.

For 331,000 ฿ to 702,000 ฿ you can try its unique learning opportunities. The school employs the IB and British curricula.


With a budget ranging from 350,000 ฿ to 673,000 ฿, the American School of Bangkok aims to transform you into a critical thinker, independent learner, effective communicator, a global citizen.

It promises to deliver education services holistically that is based on an American curriculum.

The American School of Bangkok is a member of Thailand’s International Schools Association.

It is located in the city’s Metropolitan Area.


For a yearly fee ranging from: THB508,000 to THB795,000, you can experience an education that values kindness first then wisdom and good manners. Aside from offering a value-led British curriculum for both boys and girls, Kings uses the child-centered approach. It takes pride in having a fourth of its graduates going on to attend Oxford or Cambridge each year. If you are scared of traffic though, be prepared. King’s is in the Ratchada–Rama 3 area right in the middle of the city.


Magic is among the schools which put premium to nurturing the body, the mind and the soul.

“They are of equal importance,” Magic says in a statement.

Its greater goal though is to get its learners to “contribute to the betterment of the world.” Magic aims to do this through a “challenging program” framed under the IB curriculum.

All that for only a cost within the 343,800 THB to 549,800 THB range.


It is a leading choice of more than 1,600 students from scores of different countries. It offers IB programs for primary, middle and senior high school. IB curriculum schools like NIST are chosen by more students and parents because, for one, their programs conform to high standards set by the IB organization. Programs are devised by teachers not governments and hence are relevant to students regardless of country.

NIST, the first IB school in Bangkok, charges between 533,700 ฿ to 961,400 ฿.

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