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Finding a cooking class Bangkok style has never been easier. You simply can’t visit let alone live in Thailand without learning how to cook a few Thai dishes. The food here is exceptional in every capacity, and there are many schools to choose from. If you want to take a Thai cooking class with your family, there are also many great options.

Cooking with Poo

The one that always comes to my mind is Cooking with Poo. I kid you not, that is the name. Though the name is memorable, the cooking experience is even more memorable! You get to experience a Thai market where you source locally grown ingredients for your class. You can pick up some Thai language during that trip, and get to experience what a real fresh market in Thailand is like. There are many different menus to choose from, and Chef Poo will happily guide along through the experience.

cooking class bangkok

Chef Leez Thai Cooking School

Chef Leez is known as a teacher, and this comes through during her classes. You’ll see repetition, clear explanations, and a format that is easy to understand and remember.

Each class has less than 9 people per group, and the class is done in a modern style kitchen. Each person receives a good amount of individual attention, and that is why Chef Leez likes to have relatively small class sizes. Students will learn how to cook a whopping 12 dishes during each class, and the first class begins at 10 AM. This is a cooking class Bangkok travelers will want to try out if they love Thai food!

Baipai Cooking School

Bai pai thai cooking school
Baipai Thai cooking school

At just 1600 Thai Baht, The Baipai Cooking school offers more bang for your baht. Located in a gorgeous traditional Thai setting outside of the center of Bangkok, it’s a beautiful place to hone your Thai culinary skills.

It opened in 2002, and is now accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education. They have half day classes, and grow their own herbs in their Thai organic herb garden. Everyone who enters this school boasts of the natural feeling, beautiful surroundings, and lovely smells of Thai food.

No matter where you go for your cooking class Bangkok style, let us know how it goes. We really appreciate feedback from our readers.

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