Is Bangkok safe for kids?

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Based on recent figures, Bangkok is relatively safe for everyone, especially children, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, it isn’t just Bangkok but the whole country that’s reportedly beating the pandemic.

In a news article early this June, Bangkok Post said that Thailand is “relatively unscathed” by COVID-19, adding that since the outbreak in January this year, only 58 deaths have been reported. The total infections were at 3,121 with 2,987 recoveries.

Other countries are not as fortunate.

According to Matthew Tostevin, Reuters’ editor for Southeast Asia, countries like Indonesia aren’t as lucky. In Jakarta, Tostevin said that by the latter part of March, there’s “1,000 more burials than usual, since records began.”

The editor said Reuters did not find a large number of unexplained deaths in Thailand.

Why is Bangkok winning? Remarkable early prevention efforts could be the key.

At the onset of the pandemic and much to his credit, Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha had directed the servicemen (navy, air force and army) to bring in medical teams to the country’s international airports to help screen passengers arriving from China, the pandemic’s epicenter.

Two international airports in Bangkok were reportedly provided with such teams as well.

In addition, there’s a pier on the Chao Phraya River close to Bangkok that has been transformed into a medical checkpoint, screening crewmen arriving from China via the Gulf of Thailand.

The early preventive action spearheaded by the government is now being credited by businessmen and the media as an essential, primary step in effectively slowing the spread of the virus.

The country can “control the situation well,” assured Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul earlier.

Aside from the preventive efforts leading to fewer COVID-19 infections and deaths, he credited the country’s testing capability as well.

“Detecting infected patients is a good sign because it shows that our system is efficient,” he said.

Also being cited as contributory to Bangkok’s growing safety are contributions from the medical community and the public cooperation in general.

“Bangkok boasts of high-quality medical services and hospitals,” wrote the Washington Times back in February, saying the country’s medical competence draws a lot of patients from European countries, the Middle East and the United States.

In fact, the country’s health care had been rated as sixth in the world, outstripping Belgium, France and Spain in a ranking by US magazine CEOWORLD.

Bangkok is not just bursting with romantic, fun and educational destinations. It is also home to more than a dozen medical facilities such as BNH (Bangkok Nursing Home) Hospital, Bumrungrad International Hospital, Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital and Bangkok International Hospital which use cutting-edge technology in providing optimal health care.

Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin, spokesman for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration here in Thailand, on the other hand stated during a discussion at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club that cooperation of 90 percent of the public is crucial in controlling an epidemic.

The people of Thailand gave it.

“I ascribe our success to the spirit of cooperation of the public”, said Dr. Visanuyothin.

Edutainment Activities Parents and Kids Could Try in Bangkok!

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Various studies, including one from iResearch (2008), show that smart parents are going crazy about edutainment.

Why not? It’s informal. Inexpensive. But the biggest reason edutainment has been gaining more and more attention is its ability to make learning truly happen. That while letting kids have the time of their lives. Amazing!

Now, if you’re one of the smart ones, you’d surely be excited about this edutainment gold mine: Bangkok.

While the city has thousands of places worth seeing, here are some of the most visited for their remarkable educational and entertainment values.

Baan 1000 Mai Cafe & Farm

This restaurant offers organic meals and really fun things to do that would introduce you to a new, fresh side of Bangkok. The place has a swing and a treehouse kids would surely love. Further, it lets clients to acquire skills in raising animals like chickens, ducks and sheep.

You can also learn about century egg making and rice planting here so prepare to get dirty!

Once you get tired you can either head to the restaurants or how about having a lovely  canoeing experience over the pond? If you have a thing for art, you might try sculping or creating glass deco.

Montreux Café and Farm

Here’s another place offering learning experiences about life in the farm.

Rice fields abound around Montreux, making it a perfect place to learn about agriculture. Here they will also let the family feed the fish and the chickens, you’ll surely feel like a real farm worker.

That’s not the end of it. You can also have a little boating experience. Your child and the child in you will certainly appreciate it.

Hungry? The cafe serves you the best from its farm, including organic rice, fried chicken, French fries, etc.

Overwhelmed by the great outdoors of Bangkok?  Here are more suggestions on how you and your kids could have fun and learning experiences.


Slides, ball pits, sand boxes, trampolines, puddle pools ….

All these in a 2,000 square-meter dome for the young fun seekers. Wait. Here’s more! Robots and clowns and climbing walls and bike/rollerblade rinks and more.

This place could be nothing else but heaven for your child!

It is actually called “Funarium.”

The place has four play zones, each catering to different age groups.

Parents can feel relaxed especially those with four-year-olds and below) with the safe, soft-padded play zones. There’s also a four-lane slide that can accommodate the kids and their extra-careful moms or dads.


This place of fun and learning is so enormous you and your kid can have fun all day.

Harborland’s branch here in Bangkok called Mega Bangna takes pride of six different attractions.

These feature slides for various ages, a maze, a biking and skating areas and a laser tag game facility.

Take your kid to HarborLand’s Motor City, where he or she can learn driving around a safe track. The child can also try the bump cars here.

Jungle gym also within HarborLand is a must see for the family.

Get some snacks or refreshments at the Vistacafe Kids & Family before returning for another round of fun!

Peppermint Bike Park

This place offers a nice break from all the indoor activities.

Peppermint Bike Park has what all types of bikers want. Want a beginner friendly path for your child or a challenging one for yourself? You got it all here.

Biking lessons from beginner to adanvanced are alo available.

There are several cafes awaiting you up here so just sweat it out with your kids!

How to Find the Best International School in Bangkok

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When looking for the best international school, you have to understand that matter-of-factly you’re looking for a learning institution possessing a set of characteristics.

You actually want to see one that’s home to dedicated teachers, relevant teaching-learning support systems, administrators who put premium on your safety and of course a system that honors graduates with an international baccalaureate.

To make sure you find the best international school, try taking our advice as follows:

First, try to read as many articles about the international schools in or near your area. Here are some links:

Nord Anglica Schools


Second, narrow down your search by focusing on schools offering services within your budget range.

Third, make an onsite visit. There’s simply no better way other than to check things out firsthand to find the best while making sure you get a great deal with your money.

During your field visit, consider the following.

1) Learner’s needs and preferences. If the learner loves hands-on learning activities, enrolling in a school that clings to traditional, teacher-centered methods like lectures is simply going to be counterproductive. Find out what the school offers toward meeting your unique needs, styles or preferences. Is it blended learning you want? Does differentiated learning work well for you? A teacher worth her salt should be able to tailor her instruction to suit such peculiarities. Do look beyond the glowing reviews, the stylish building architecture and the smiles on the poster-ad. In the main, learners are developed by teaching methodologies.

2) Facilities, computers, the works. Studies show that children of the 21st century learn better with gadgets and apps. At first glance, shutting off these tools during learning seem reasonable; it may lead to less disruptions and quiet learning. But it could stifle the young learner’s creativity and remove a potentially learning support they are already adept with. When choosing a school, don’t be taken instantly by the amenities especially when it has got nothing to do with your aim. If the facility you need for your specific, unique learning goal is available, do check it out first whether it’s accessible, functional and up-to-date before you exclaim, “eureka!”

3) The location. A school might have the best in terms of facilities and teaching staff. But if the location eventually takes you on a daily traffic grind, it’s probably time to think of an alternative.

4) Security. Bullying is a serious threat to your or your kid’s education. All positive school qualities are set to nought when administrators treat bullying with “kid’s glove.” This scourge can inflict irreparable damage not only on the educational performance of younger learners. Worse, it could affect other areas of their lives including their mental and emotional health. So be sure the school has a strong anti-bullying policy and that implementation is consistent before signing in.

5) Track record. As in many other fields of activity, we often see the best through previous accomplishments. So ask the school where it’s graduates are? Are they better off? Does the school even track its former students to see how their doing?

6) Try chatting with the educators. As we have pointed out, the best school is home to dedicated teachers. These education front liners are considered by research community as the single biggest factor impacting education. They either make or break the school’s track record.

Finding the best is indeed easier said than done especially with school administrators and their ads making overlapping or contradicting claims.

So be tough and unrelenting during your search.

One final word: Any international school might be hyped as runaway success by anybody. Then again, what’s indeed best for them might not be the best for you as well.

The Best of the Best – Fun Learning Ideas in Bangkok!

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s never a more crucial time to teach kids about the pursuit of happiness and staying optimistic than in any other point in recent history.

Sounds like a tough assignment, huh? Well, you could do all that simply by going on a vacation! Destination? Bangkok.

Months into the pandemic, this stunning tourism center is gaining back some normalcy. Sooner or later, you and your kids could start packing to enjoy these wholesome destinations Bangkok has to offer while learning indispensable life lessons.

Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market

Floating Market with kids

Selling foodstuff is among the main sources of income by people along the river. The products, either cooked or raw, are lined up on boats.

Like anybody, these merchants aren’t immune to the disease but they are persistent to make a living. While savoring the local delicacies, let your kid learn from the locales the value of resilience as well as courage.

The sides of the canal also have food for sale including desserts an sea food. Clothes are also up for grabs.

Of course, kids don’t simply like to gawk at boats. Let them ride on ’em too all for a minimal cost. Don’t forget to wear life vests … Another important life lesson!

Flow House Bangkok

It isn’t recommended to bathe on the canal. Not for anything else but this part of the river is mainly for trade.

So if you want to cool it down, try Flow House Bangkok. Here in the middle of the city, you can try out surfing on the Flowrider while the young ones could frolick at the kiddie pool. No need to go out of town.

Tired? Simply head to the Flowbar nearby where beers and milkshakes are available.

Dream World

Dream World for kids

Whatever your age, there is a nice, new world waiting for you out here in … Dream World! Have you tried the Viking? The Flying Carpet? The Skycoaster?  Bet you haven’t even heard about the Hurricane?  All these are meant for those in “pursuit of happiness” in a rather scary kind of way.

For the kids and the young at heart, the place has a sightseeing train, bumper boats, antique cars, water rides, and a lot more!

One of the favorites is Snow Town. Inside the indoor playground, who knew there’s real snow you can actually build a snowman even during summer and in, of all places, Bangkok!

VR1 Bangkok

VR1 Bangkok for families

Who said computer games are only for the couch potatoes, the young fellas trying to become obese?

VR1 Bangkok is out giving technology games a good name with its simulated, interactive dance challenges, shooting games and cooking competitions.

To reinforce your lessons on social distancing, VR1 offers numerous rooms.

When you feel hungry, the café offers yummy, affordable treats.

Lazada Making Parenting in 2020 Easier

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Lazada makes education easy and cool again!

We always want our kids to get busy with their home projects and other stuff related to schooling. But let’s face it. From the northern tip of Thailand down to its southernmost end, parents have had ups and downs in this regard. Now, even getting them off that mobile device is turning into a major challenge. Seems like the the time wasters are on a winning streak because of … well, what’s that mobile game’s name again anyway?

Here’s the good news. Lazada is here to save the day!

This local version of Amazon is helping parents show kids what learning is all about: fun and exciting projects!

At, a company called DIY Science introduced itself as a team specializing in “children’s science education” with a vision to do a series of interesting (do-it-yourself) DIY Science experience projects to encourage our children to “get closer to science, return to nature, and enjoy life.”

Why is DIY Science doing this?

We have learned that “most of the company’s team members are parents.” Just like us, they are intent on saving their kids from too many mobile games through fun learning.

Here are some of the top-of-the-line, educational toys from your team-mate: 1) Operation 2) Origami Folding Papers 3) Microscope

1)    Operation, a game sold by the DIY Science team, is highly recommended for the budding young doctor in the house. “It challenges kids to be the doctor while avoiding the buzz,” says the company. If you want to nourish your child’s interests in healing, grab that mobile device out of sight, and present this toy as a perfect gift. It’s a classic that certainly crosses generations!

Operation Game Thailand


·         Comes with 13 ailment parts

·         Can be played solo or with others

·         Nose lights up with tweezers touch the sides

·         Player that removes the ailments wins.

·         (Free shipping? Please provide basis or details)

2)    Origami Folding Papers. An early educational toy, this is best for kindergarteners/nursery school for their art/craft projects.

Origami Bangkok

Features: Has 54 sheets with different colors and designs

3)    Microscope Slide Collection. “This is a perfect gift for a young family member who is just beginning to do biological research,” the company says.

Children's microscopes bangkok


·         Comes with 48 Slides, a Collection of Insect Animal and Plant Specimens

·         Great for Basic Biology Education and Science Exhibition Projects for Kids & Students

·         Free shipping

  • Has high transparency plastic slides that are clean and non-toxic
  • It’s safe. Microscopic slides have no sharp corners, edges had been smoothened
  • Well-labeled that makes for easy classification.
  • Moisture-proof
  • The stereo microscopy comes with top and bottom lights for clean and clear viewing of microscopic images
  • (Free shipping? Please provide basis or details)

Call your nearest DIY-SCIENCE toy dealer now or log onto to do your own search!

Simply Sports Academy

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Simply Sports Academy (SSA) Golf Lessons and Swimming Lessons.


Simply Sports Academy offers primarily Golf Lessons and Swimming Lessons in Bangkok. Our Golf Professionals, from Australia and South Africa are available for Golf Lessons 7 days a week.

Simply Sports Academy

Kids Golf Lessons, Adult Golf Lessons, Group Golf Lessons and Family Golf Lessons are available. Ladies Golf Lessons are popular during the day while kids are at school. Kids Golf Lessons after school, weekends and during School Vacations are available.

Bangkok Golf Lessons on the Golf Course are a fantastic opportunity to improve your game without making large technical changes. Improve your short game (Chipping and Putting), Sand Bunker tips, learn to understand course knowledge easily, and improve scores without having to make all the hours of practice.

We keep Golf Lesson Tips simple and easy to understand. Make simple changes, and enjoy your golf. Improve your scores the easy way and have FUN. 

Golf lessons bangkok

Come February, 2020, we have new Pro’s arriving to work in Bangkok. They are excited to be arriving and will be ready to assist you. Our guys are always Professional and Very Friendly. Lessons are available in Sukhumvit Rd (Ekamai area) and Rama 3 area (Non Sri Driving Range. Behind Tesco Lotus Rama 3).

At Simply Sports Academy, we invite you to come and have a Golf Lesson – FIRST TIME FREE. Come say Hello and have a chat with one of our guys, discuss Golf or anything that makes you comfortable. Hit some balls and get a FREE Golf Tip. We are sure you will be Happy and may want to learn more. If not it would still have been our pleasure to meet you and we would encourage you to say “Hi” when you pass by us next time. 

Golf Lessons Packages are available in 5, 10 or 20 hours.

Golf Lesson Packages for Kids, Adults, Private, Groups & Families. 

Playing Lessons options for private or groups up to 3 Golfers.


Can You Swim ? Can your child Swim ? Are you OR your FAMILY safe in the Water ? If you answered “No” to any of the able please come and say Hi to us. Being able to relax & play in the water and swim safely is a life skill that everyone should be able to enjoy.

Bangkok swimming lessons

Our Australian Swimming Coach has been giving swimming lessons for over 30 years. He is a tall guy who is physically strong – we know this is important as this gives a great sense of safety to both kids and adults when having swim lessons. He loves a joke and always makes sure students are laughing and enjoying the swim lessons.

Here is one review from Mr Joe, one of our recent Adult beginners…..

“I recently started swimming lessons with Ray and couldn’t be more pleased. I am an older person and somewhat nervous in the water. Ray completely put me at my ease. We discussed my fears and aims and talked everything through. Once in the water his calm instruction helped me to overcome much of my fears. In a very quick time we have achieved so much.

If you are looking for somebody to help you learn or improve, look no further, Ray will sort you out!”

Swimming lessons bangkok

We start Swimming Lessons from 3 years of age up to Adults. You are never too old to earn to swim. Currently our oldest student is a Grandmother here in Thailand who now wants to overcome her fear of the water so she can enjoy time with her Grandkids. She is swimming fantastically. You can learn to swim too.

Swimming lessons can be 30minute sessions for younger kids and hour sessions for older kids and adults. Be advised that most Non-Swimmers will take at 10-20 hours of swim lessons to progress to satisfactory level of safety.

Our High Level Swimming Training Program is for developing strong swimmers. This may be for pure enjoyment, fitness or Swimming Competitions. School Swim Competitions are our specialty. We can improve your Childs level of Swimming so they can be enjoying their training, competitions and hopefully sometimes winning.

Swimming Lessons – Package options of 5, 10 or 20 sessions.

30mins Swimming Lessons for Private or Group of 2 Students.

60mins Swimming Lessons for Private or Group of 3 Students.

Simply Sports Academy
SSA Bangkok

Kid Friendly Activities in Bangkok

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Similar to many other major cities, there are numerous amount of kid friendly activities in Bangkok for both parents and children to participate in. The following is just a small sample of what a family can expect on their next trip to Thailand’s capital. 

Play Centers

Bangkok Play Centers

Allowing a brief respite from the bustling streets of the city, play centers allow children to enjoy themselves with others of the same age through the use of slides, toys, ball pits and more. 

These can be found in most major shopping malls such as Emporium, Emquartier and Siam Paragon. 

Bangkok Parks

Bangkok Parks

There are a number of notable parks scattered in and around  the center of the city with each having its own reason to visit. 

These include Lumpini Park in the Sathorn district, an excellent location to exercise with a fully equipped gym costing only 20THB per day. Benjakitti Park is located near the BTS station Asok, providing a unique oval-like appearance with a lake in the middle, swans can be rented and rode on the aforementioned lake as an enjoyable pastime. Furthermore, Queens Park is located right off Sukhumvit road and provides a truly unique experience with the locale neighboring shopping malls, the BTS sky train, a number of high rise condominiums and more. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor places to get some exercise in Bangkok!


Bangkok Temples for kids

A staple of Thai culture and a big part of many lives for those who reside in Thailand are temples, there are many scattered around Bangkok and the country as a whole, but there are a few notable establishments popular amongst tourists for their magnificent architecture and storied history.

Wat Pho, or ‘temple of the reclining Buddha’ is, of course, notable for its 46 meters long Buddha statue, however, the temple is littered with many more nooks and crannies to see. Residing right next to the Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun contains a 70 meters tall spire marvellously decorated with small inscriptions in and around the structure. If you’re brave enough, it is possible to climb close to the top and capture a view of beautiful aforementioned Chao Phraya River. 

Last but not least, the Grand Palace is undoubtedly the largest and most recognized of all temples in Thailand, the site dates back to 1782 and  is enormous as the name suggests, many royal family members, politicians and religious figures have shone their presence here, each leaving a mark of their own within the sacred location.

Playgroups in Bangkok

kid friendly activities in Bangkok

Arranged by the international communities of Bangkok, playgroups allow for smaller children to practice skills, make friends and openly play within a fun environment. Parents may consider taking their children to one of these groups in order to enrich their personalities and perhaps find some interest they will take on further in life. Needless to say, this is one of the kid friendly activities in Bangkok worth experiencing. Many international schools in Bangkok host playgroups.

Bangkok Zoos

Bangkok Zoos kid friendly activities in Bangkok

For those more into the nature side of things, Bangkok has got you covered. There are many ways to experience the local wildlife without having to venture too far out of the city. 

For example, Sea Life Bangkok is located within Siam Paragon, a shopping mall in one of the busiest locations within the city, home to many of Thailand sea creatures, it is truly unforgettable. For a more traditional experience, Dusit Zoo in the Rama 5 district of Thailand is a large establishment home to elephants, snakes and even penguins, head over to this zoo and find yourself overwhelmed with the number of local animals the country has to offer.

Family Activities in Bangkok

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Bangkok is a multi-faceted city for all ages with many family activities in Bangkok for all kinds of tastes. While the capital of Thailand is notorious for its extensive nightlife and late night locales, those who are under the legal drinking age or prefer not to indulge can still find a plethora of exciting activities in and around the city. 

1.) Exhilarating hot pot at Shabu Lab Thailand

Hot pot may be an unknown concept to who do not reside in Asia. Simply put, customers are allowed to participate in the cooking process as a steaming pot is given, allowing you and your friends to choose how you want your food cooked. While there are many different hot pot restaurants around Bangkok, Shabu Lab Thailand is tops for a “family friendly restaurant bangkok” that assures exceptional quality every step of the way. 

Family friendly restaurant bangkok
  • 2.) Work up a sweat at Peppermint Bike Park

Touted as one of the most unique parks in the city, Peppermint Bike Park brings an extra air of excitement to bike riding and is a great option for family activities in Bangkok. Filled with many different twists, turns and obstacles, Peppermint provides enjoyable exercise opportunities for the whole family, furthermore, the Mint Café located right next to the park allows for riders to take a quick coffee break before either heading ride back into the park or capping off an exhausting day outdoors. For families, it’s the best bangkok bicycle park there is!

bangkok bicycle park

If you want to head to a theme-park in Bangkok, Siam Park City is the place to be. Filled with an enormous and varied amount of rides, the locale is sure to satisfy the most fearless of daredevils. Many of the rides are suitable for young children who may not be fit for the lengthy waterslides and daunting rollercoasters. 

Siam Park City
  • 4.) Authentic seafood experience at Farm Somjai Seafood

For those looking for the most delicious and fresh Thai seafood, Farm Somjai has got you covered. Located in Khlong Lang, an area neighboring the sea, the restaurant offers such classic Thai dishes as Tom Yum Goong and Thai Garlic Shrimp. In addition to great food, the restaurant provides beautiful views of the Thai countryside to compliment the dining experience. 

Farm Somjai Seafood

With the weather being quite humid year-round, a good way to cool off and enjoy a beach-like experience would be to visit the Flow House, allowing for people of all ages to ride artificially created waves in a safe environment. The establishment serves a good selection of drinks to cool off after testing yourself on the waters. 

Flow House Bangkok
  • 6.) Virtual Reality gaming at VR1 Bangkok.

Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology currently being used in the gaming industry, at VR1 Bangkok you can find yourself in immersive experiences ranging from sports, cooking, fighting and more. Both adults and children will find themselves enamored in how realistic some of these games have become recently, a must try for anybody looking for family activities in Bangkok!

family activities in Bangkok
  • 7.) Meet lifelike sculptures at Maddame Tussauds Bangkok.

Popular around the world, Maddame Tussauds features ultra-realistic wax figures of famous people far and wide including politicians, actors and sport stars. Bring your family and take photos to trick all of your friends back home!

Maddame Tussauds Thailand

BONUS: For some thing a bit more low key, maybe your family might enjoy a cooking class in Bangkok!

Activities – Cooking Class Bangkok

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Activities, Camps

Finding a cooking class Bangkok style has never been easier. You simply can’t visit let alone live in Thailand without learning how to cook a few Thai dishes. The food here is exceptional in every capacity, and there are many schools to choose from. If you want to take a Thai cooking class with your family, there are also many great options.

Cooking with Poo

The one that always comes to my mind is Cooking with Poo. I kid you not, that is the name. Though the name is memorable, the cooking experience is even more memorable! You get to experience a Thai market where you source locally grown ingredients for your class. You can pick up some Thai language during that trip, and get to experience what a real fresh market in Thailand is like. There are many different menus to choose from, and Chef Poo will happily guide along through the experience.

cooking class bangkok

Chef Leez Thai Cooking School

Chef Leez is known as a teacher, and this comes through during her classes. You’ll see repetition, clear explanations, and a format that is easy to understand and remember.

Each class has less than 9 people per group, and the class is done in a modern style kitchen. Each person receives a good amount of individual attention, and that is why Chef Leez likes to have relatively small class sizes. Students will learn how to cook a whopping 12 dishes during each class, and the first class begins at 10 AM. This is a cooking class Bangkok travelers will want to try out if they love Thai food!

Baipai Cooking School

Bai pai thai cooking school
Baipai Thai cooking school

At just 1600 Thai Baht, The Baipai Cooking school offers more bang for your baht. Located in a gorgeous traditional Thai setting outside of the center of Bangkok, it’s a beautiful place to hone your Thai culinary skills.

It opened in 2002, and is now accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education. They have half day classes, and grow their own herbs in their Thai organic herb garden. Everyone who enters this school boasts of the natural feeling, beautiful surroundings, and lovely smells of Thai food.

No matter where you go for your cooking class Bangkok style, let us know how it goes. We really appreciate feedback from our readers.