Edutainment Activities Parents and Kids Could Try in Bangkok!

Various studies, including one from iResearch (2008), show that smart parents are going crazy about edutainment.

Why not? It’s informal. Inexpensive. But the biggest reason edutainment has been gaining more and more attention is its ability to make learning truly happen. That while letting kids have the time of their lives. Amazing!

Now, if you’re one of the smart ones, you’d surely be excited about this edutainment gold mine: Bangkok.

While the city has thousands of places worth seeing, here are some of the most visited for their remarkable educational and entertainment values.

Baan 1000 Mai Cafe & Farm

This restaurant offers organic meals and really fun things to do that would introduce you to a new, fresh side of Bangkok. The place has a swing and a treehouse kids would surely love. Further, it lets clients to acquire skills in raising animals like chickens, ducks and sheep.

You can also learn about century egg making and rice planting here so prepare to get dirty!

Once you get tired you can either head to the restaurants or how about having a lovely  canoeing experience over the pond? If you have a thing for art, you might try sculping or creating glass deco.

Montreux Café and Farm

Here’s another place offering learning experiences about life in the farm.

Rice fields abound around Montreux, making it a perfect place to learn about agriculture. Here they will also let the family feed the fish and the chickens, you’ll surely feel like a real farm worker.

That’s not the end of it. You can also have a little boating experience. Your child and the child in you will certainly appreciate it.

Hungry? The cafe serves you the best from its farm, including organic rice, fried chicken, French fries, etc.

Overwhelmed by the great outdoors of Bangkok?  Here are more suggestions on how you and your kids could have fun and learning experiences.


Slides, ball pits, sand boxes, trampolines, puddle pools ….

All these in a 2,000 square-meter dome for the young fun seekers. Wait. Here’s more! Robots and clowns and climbing walls and bike/rollerblade rinks and more.

This place could be nothing else but heaven for your child!

It is actually called “Funarium.”

The place has four play zones, each catering to different age groups.

Parents can feel relaxed especially those with four-year-olds and below) with the safe, soft-padded play zones. There’s also a four-lane slide that can accommodate the kids and their extra-careful moms or dads.


This place of fun and learning is so enormous you and your kid can have fun all day.

Harborland’s branch here in Bangkok called Mega Bangna takes pride of six different attractions.

These feature slides for various ages, a maze, a biking and skating areas and a laser tag game facility.

Take your kid to HarborLand’s Motor City, where he or she can learn driving around a safe track. The child can also try the bump cars here.

Jungle gym also within HarborLand is a must see for the family.

Get some snacks or refreshments at the Vistacafe Kids & Family before returning for another round of fun!

Peppermint Bike Park

This place offers a nice break from all the indoor activities.

Peppermint Bike Park has what all types of bikers want. Want a beginner friendly path for your child or a challenging one for yourself? You got it all here.

Biking lessons from beginner to adanvanced are alo available.

There are several cafes awaiting you up here so just sweat it out with your kids!

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