Lazada Making Parenting in 2020 Easier

Lazada makes education easy and cool again!

We always want our kids to get busy with their home projects and other stuff related to schooling. But let’s face it. From the northern tip of Thailand down to its southernmost end, parents have had ups and downs in this regard. Now, even getting them off that mobile device is turning into a major challenge. Seems like the the time wasters are on a winning streak because of … well, what’s that mobile game’s name again anyway?

Here’s the good news. Lazada is here to save the day!

This local version of Amazon is helping parents show kids what learning is all about: fun and exciting projects!

At, a company called DIY Science introduced itself as a team specializing in “children’s science education” with a vision to do a series of interesting (do-it-yourself) DIY Science experience projects to encourage our children to “get closer to science, return to nature, and enjoy life.”

Why is DIY Science doing this?

We have learned that “most of the company’s team members are parents.” Just like us, they are intent on saving their kids from too many mobile games through fun learning.

Here are some of the top-of-the-line, educational toys from your team-mate: 1) Operation 2) Origami Folding Papers 3) Microscope

1)    Operation, a game sold by the DIY Science team, is highly recommended for the budding young doctor in the house. “It challenges kids to be the doctor while avoiding the buzz,” says the company. If you want to nourish your child’s interests in healing, grab that mobile device out of sight, and present this toy as a perfect gift. It’s a classic that certainly crosses generations!

Operation Game Thailand


·         Comes with 13 ailment parts

·         Can be played solo or with others

·         Nose lights up with tweezers touch the sides

·         Player that removes the ailments wins.

·         (Free shipping? Please provide basis or details)

2)    Origami Folding Papers. An early educational toy, this is best for kindergarteners/nursery school for their art/craft projects.

Origami Bangkok

Features: Has 54 sheets with different colors and designs

3)    Microscope Slide Collection. “This is a perfect gift for a young family member who is just beginning to do biological research,” the company says.

Children's microscopes bangkok


·         Comes with 48 Slides, a Collection of Insect Animal and Plant Specimens

·         Great for Basic Biology Education and Science Exhibition Projects for Kids & Students

·         Free shipping

  • Has high transparency plastic slides that are clean and non-toxic
  • It’s safe. Microscopic slides have no sharp corners, edges had been smoothened
  • Well-labeled that makes for easy classification.
  • Moisture-proof
  • The stereo microscopy comes with top and bottom lights for clean and clear viewing of microscopic images
  • (Free shipping? Please provide basis or details)

Call your nearest DIY-SCIENCE toy dealer now or log onto to do your own search!

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