The Best of the Best – Fun Learning Ideas in Bangkok!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s never a more crucial time to teach kids about the pursuit of happiness and staying optimistic than in any other point in recent history.

Sounds like a tough assignment, huh? Well, you could do all that simply by going on a vacation! Destination? Bangkok.

Months into the pandemic, this stunning tourism center is gaining back some normalcy. Sooner or later, you and your kids could start packing to enjoy these wholesome destinations Bangkok has to offer while learning indispensable life lessons.

Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market

Floating Market with kids

Selling foodstuff is among the main sources of income by people along the river. The products, either cooked or raw, are lined up on boats.

Like anybody, these merchants aren’t immune to the disease but they are persistent to make a living. While savoring the local delicacies, let your kid learn from the locales the value of resilience as well as courage.

The sides of the canal also have food for sale including desserts an sea food. Clothes are also up for grabs.

Of course, kids don’t simply like to gawk at boats. Let them ride on ’em too all for a minimal cost. Don’t forget to wear life vests … Another important life lesson!

Flow House Bangkok

It isn’t recommended to bathe on the canal. Not for anything else but this part of the river is mainly for trade.

So if you want to cool it down, try Flow House Bangkok. Here in the middle of the city, you can try out surfing on the Flowrider while the young ones could frolick at the kiddie pool. No need to go out of town.

Tired? Simply head to the Flowbar nearby where beers and milkshakes are available.

Dream World

Dream World for kids

Whatever your age, there is a nice, new world waiting for you out here in … Dream World! Have you tried the Viking? The Flying Carpet? The Skycoaster?  Bet you haven’t even heard about the Hurricane?  All these are meant for those in “pursuit of happiness” in a rather scary kind of way.

For the kids and the young at heart, the place has a sightseeing train, bumper boats, antique cars, water rides, and a lot more!

One of the favorites is Snow Town. Inside the indoor playground, who knew there’s real snow you can actually build a snowman even during summer and in, of all places, Bangkok!

VR1 Bangkok

VR1 Bangkok for families

Who said computer games are only for the couch potatoes, the young fellas trying to become obese?

VR1 Bangkok is out giving technology games a good name with its simulated, interactive dance challenges, shooting games and cooking competitions.

To reinforce your lessons on social distancing, VR1 offers numerous rooms.

When you feel hungry, the café offers yummy, affordable treats.

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