January 5, 2020

Kid Friendly Activities in Bangkok

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Similar to many other major cities, there are numerous amount of kid friendly activities in Bangkok for both parents and children to participate in. The following is just a small sample of what a family can expect on their next trip to Thailand’s capital. 

Play Centers

Bangkok Play Centers

Allowing a brief respite from the bustling streets of the city, play centers allow children to enjoy themselves with others of the same age through the use of slides, toys, ball pits and more. 

These can be found in most major shopping malls such as Emporium, Emquartier and Siam Paragon. 

Bangkok Parks

Bangkok Parks

There are a number of notable parks scattered in and around  the center of the city with each having its own reason to visit. 

These include Lumpini Park in the Sathorn district, an excellent location to exercise with a fully equipped gym costing only 20THB per day. Benjakitti Park is located near the BTS station Asok, providing a unique oval-like appearance with a lake in the middle, swans can be rented and rode on the aforementioned lake as an enjoyable pastime. Furthermore, Queens Park is located right off Sukhumvit road and provides a truly unique experience with the locale neighboring shopping malls, the BTS sky train, a number of high rise condominiums and more. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor places to get some exercise in Bangkok!


Bangkok Temples for kids

A staple of Thai culture and a big part of many lives for those who reside in Thailand are temples, there are many scattered around Bangkok and the country as a whole, but there are a few notable establishments popular amongst tourists for their magnificent architecture and storied history.

Wat Pho, or ‘temple of the reclining Buddha’ is, of course, notable for its 46 meters long Buddha statue, however, the temple is littered with many more nooks and crannies to see. Residing right next to the Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun contains a 70 meters tall spire marvellously decorated with small inscriptions in and around the structure. If you’re brave enough, it is possible to climb close to the top and capture a view of beautiful aforementioned Chao Phraya River. 

Last but not least, the Grand Palace is undoubtedly the largest and most recognized of all temples in Thailand, the site dates back to 1782 and  is enormous as the name suggests, many royal family members, politicians and religious figures have shone their presence here, each leaving a mark of their own within the sacred location.

Playgroups in Bangkok

kid friendly activities in Bangkok

Arranged by the international communities of Bangkok, playgroups allow for smaller children to practice skills, make friends and openly play within a fun environment. Parents may consider taking their children to one of these groups in order to enrich their personalities and perhaps find some interest they will take on further in life. Needless to say, this is one of the kid friendly activities in Bangkok worth experiencing. Many international schools in Bangkok host playgroups.

Bangkok Zoos

Bangkok Zoos kid friendly activities in Bangkok

For those more into the nature side of things, Bangkok has got you covered. There are many ways to experience the local wildlife without having to venture too far out of the city. 

For example, Sea Life Bangkok is located within Siam Paragon, a shopping mall in one of the busiest locations within the city, home to many of Thailand sea creatures, it is truly unforgettable. For a more traditional experience, Dusit Zoo in the Rama 5 district of Thailand is a large establishment home to elephants, snakes and even penguins, head over to this zoo and find yourself overwhelmed with the number of local animals the country has to offer.

January 5, 2020

Family Activities in Bangkok

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Bangkok is a multi-faceted city for all ages with many family activities in Bangkok for all kinds of tastes. While the capital of Thailand is notorious for its extensive nightlife and late night locales, those who are under the legal drinking age or prefer not to indulge can still find a plethora of exciting activities in and around the city. 

1.) Exhilarating hot pot at Shabu Lab Thailand

Hot pot may be an unknown concept to who do not reside in Asia. Simply put, customers are allowed to participate in the cooking process as a steaming pot is given, allowing you and your friends to choose how you want your food cooked. While there are many different hot pot restaurants around Bangkok, Shabu Lab Thailand is tops for a “family friendly restaurant bangkok” that assures exceptional quality every step of the way. 

Family friendly restaurant bangkok
  • 2.) Work up a sweat at Peppermint Bike Park

Touted as one of the most unique parks in the city, Peppermint Bike Park brings an extra air of excitement to bike riding and is a great option for family activities in Bangkok. Filled with many different twists, turns and obstacles, Peppermint provides enjoyable exercise opportunities for the whole family, furthermore, the Mint Café located right next to the park allows for riders to take a quick coffee break before either heading ride back into the park or capping off an exhausting day outdoors. For families, it’s the best bangkok bicycle park there is!

bangkok bicycle park

If you want to head to a theme-park in Bangkok, Siam Park City is the place to be. Filled with an enormous and varied amount of rides, the locale is sure to satisfy the most fearless of daredevils. Many of the rides are suitable for young children who may not be fit for the lengthy waterslides and daunting rollercoasters. 

Siam Park City
  • 4.) Authentic seafood experience at Farm Somjai Seafood

For those looking for the most delicious and fresh Thai seafood, Farm Somjai has got you covered. Located in Khlong Lang, an area neighboring the sea, the restaurant offers such classic Thai dishes as Tom Yum Goong and Thai Garlic Shrimp. In addition to great food, the restaurant provides beautiful views of the Thai countryside to compliment the dining experience. 

Farm Somjai Seafood

With the weather being quite humid year-round, a good way to cool off and enjoy a beach-like experience would be to visit the Flow House, allowing for people of all ages to ride artificially created waves in a safe environment. The establishment serves a good selection of drinks to cool off after testing yourself on the waters. 

Flow House Bangkok
  • 6.) Virtual Reality gaming at VR1 Bangkok.

Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology currently being used in the gaming industry, at VR1 Bangkok you can find yourself in immersive experiences ranging from sports, cooking, fighting and more. Both adults and children will find themselves enamored in how realistic some of these games have become recently, a must try for anybody looking for family activities in Bangkok!

family activities in Bangkok
  • 7.) Meet lifelike sculptures at Maddame Tussauds Bangkok.

Popular around the world, Maddame Tussauds features ultra-realistic wax figures of famous people far and wide including politicians, actors and sport stars. Bring your family and take photos to trick all of your friends back home!

Maddame Tussauds Thailand

BONUS: For some thing a bit more low key, maybe your family might enjoy a cooking class in Bangkok!

December 24, 2019

Activities – Cooking Class Bangkok

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Finding a cooking class Bangkok style has never been easier. You simply can’t visit let alone live in Thailand without learning how to cook a few Thai dishes. The food here is exceptional in every capacity, and there are many schools to choose from. If you want to take a Thai cooking class with your family, there are also many great options.

Cooking with Poo

The one that always comes to my mind is Cooking with Poo. I kid you not, that is the name. Though the name is memorable, the cooking experience is even more memorable! You get to experience a Thai market where you source locally grown ingredients for your class. You can pick up some Thai language during that trip, and get to experience what a real fresh market in Thailand is like. There are many different menus to choose from, and Chef Poo will happily guide along through the experience.

cooking class bangkok

Chef Leez Thai Cooking School

Chef Leez is known as a teacher, and this comes through during her classes. You’ll see repetition, clear explanations, and a format that is easy to understand and remember.

Each class has less than 9 people per group, and the class is done in a modern style kitchen. Each person receives a good amount of individual attention, and that is why Chef Leez likes to have relatively small class sizes. Students will learn how to cook a whopping 12 dishes during each class, and the first class begins at 10 AM. This is a cooking class Bangkok travelers will want to try out if they love Thai food!

Baipai Cooking School

Bai pai thai cooking school
Baipai Thai cooking school

At just 1600 Thai Baht, The Baipai Cooking school offers more bang for your baht. Located in a gorgeous traditional Thai setting outside of the center of Bangkok, it’s a beautiful place to hone your Thai culinary skills.

It opened in 2002, and is now accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education. They have half day classes, and grow their own herbs in their Thai organic herb garden. Everyone who enters this school boasts of the natural feeling, beautiful surroundings, and lovely smells of Thai food.

No matter where you go for your cooking class Bangkok style, let us know how it goes. We really appreciate feedback from our readers.

December 24, 2019

Fitness & Health – BKK Families

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Staying fit in BKK is just like staying fit in any other city…only much more difficult! Don’t worry though. Fitness in Bangkok isn’t difficult to find.

December 5, 2019

Mega Cineplex Kid Friendly Movie Theater!

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Mega Cineplex Kid
Every kid’s dream?

The Mega Cineplex kid friendly movie theater is awesome for both parents and kids alike. The environment is safe and fun, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about your kids making noise in the movie theater!

Mega Cineplex for Families

If your kids are anything like mine, having them sit through 90+ minutes of a movie without making noise, kicking seats in front of them, or spilling food / drink on the floor is as close to a miracle as one could get. At the Mega Cineplex kid friendly movie theater, kids making messes and noise is to be expected! Sounds too good to be true? Check it out for yourself!

There’s an awesome ball pit in the front. It doesn’t block the screen, but it’s well positioned so that you can keep your eyes on your kids while watching the movie. Of course it’s very safe, and there’s no sharp edges or places where they could bang their heads. Kids always find a way to get hurt though, don’t they? Rest assured that it’s up to international standards of safety.

The slide is pretty awesome as well. Located just off to the side of the theater, it’s nothing too crazy, and is suitable for the really young ones as well. There are all the wonderful restaurants that Mega Bangna has to offer, and of course…IKEA (the place you can love and hate at the same time). You can make a full day out of what Mega Bangna has to offer for families. From bowling to ice skating, international foods to dessert cafes, everyone will find something that they enjoy.

Anyway, if you have kids and you want to see a movie without being on guard the entire time, bring them to the Mega Cineplex kid friendly theater. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

December 5, 2019

Summer Break in Bangkok

by BKKFamilies
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While many families that are studying in an international school in Bangkok travel during the summer, there are plenty of families who decided to stay in Bangkok during the summer months. This leaves the question, what to do in Bangkok with all of this free time?! Let us know your thoughts!
Summer Break in Bangkok